The Red Knights Firefighters Motorcycle Inc. Club® is an organization composed exclusively of Firefighters with International Affiliation dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety and fellowship among firefighters who ride motorcycles.

We sponsor various activities throughout the riding season, as well as the non-riding season, such as dinner rides, tour rides, family picnics, a gathering at Gettysburg Bike Week for all local chapters as well as participating in other motorcycle club activities. We are a non-profit group and donate to burn prevention foundations and Lehigh Valley Hospitals burn unit to aid children injured by fire, or aid fellow firefighters who may have suffered the misfortune of being a victim of a fire.  We publish an electronic newsletters which is emailed to members monthly listing upcoming events, membership lists, meeting announcements, minutes of previous meetings, etc.

Membership is open to ALL firefighters, ACTIVE or RETIRED, who have access to a motorcycle and hold a current valid motorcycle license. Spouses, members’ children, boy and/or girlfriends and brothers/sisters are also welcome for membership as Social Members. 

To join download and complete the Membership following the directions provided. We do not prospect or have proationary periods if you are a Firefighter that rides you are a members. For complete details of membership you can review the bylaws on internationals website from the link on our home page.

Membership Application (Pdf)

Membership Application (Doc)